provides repair, construction and historic renovation of masonry chimneys & fireplaces  in northern and western Virginia.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your chimney is performing at optimum efficiency so that your fireplace, furnace or wood stove is ready for a warming fire whenever you are. Old Dominion Chimney Liners provides expert services to keep your home fires burning safely:

  • Chimney Lining with Stainless Steel or
    Cast-in-Place masonry systems
  • Ahren-Fire Masonry Fireplace Restoration System
  •  Masonry Repairs to fireplaces, hearths & Chimneys

    Learn how OLD DOMINION CHIMNEY can upgrade your fireplace using pre-formed cast refractory materials to fix drafting problems AND help you actually get more heat from your open burning fireplace.

  • Chimney Caps & Fireplace Dampers Installed
  • Chimney Inspections - Video Inspections Available
  • Insurance Repairs

Home Heating Advisory & Energy Savings Tips 

Facing rising energy and heating costs, we're seeing more home owners converting to woodburning to help reduce their dependence on traditional heating fuels. When installing a wood stove, it is essential that the chimney be inspected and cleaned prior to installation. Under Virginia building code requirements, fireplace inserts and freestanding wood stoves must vent into an approved chimney lining system. Not only is this a safety precaution, a properly sized flue helps your wood stove to burn the smoke thoroughly to provide more heat from less wood while also reducing smoke emissions. 

Why does a chimney need a liner? Get info here. OLD DOMINION CHIMNEY offers both stainless steel and cast-in-place lining systems.


Don't forget your furnace flue! Oil flues build up residues that can clog your chimney and allow dangerous carbon monoxide fumes to back up into your home. Get the furnace tuned and the chimney cleaned annually - this can reduce your fuel usage by helping water heaters and furnaces to burn at peak efficiency.

Please call us today to arrange a chimney inspection - make sure your fieplace and furnace chimneys are ready to keep you warm AND safe this winter. 


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